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Testimonials – Mani

By 20 January 2021August 7th, 2023Testimonials

5-year-old Old English Bulldog


15 days after the surgery of intra articular cranial cruciate ligament reconstruction

I live in Brussieu in the East of Lyon and I am lucky enough to have Mani as a companion.

Mani is lively, cuddly and very affectionate, sociable and very sporty, he loves to run in the woods.

In March 2020, a limp on his right hind limb appeared. However, it remained intermittent and didn’t seem to cause any discomfort to Mani.

During a visit to our vet, he advised us to consult a specialized center for a possible surgical intervention for a rupture of the cruciate ligament.

Unfortunately, there was indeed a partial rupture, and despite my reluctance to have him operated, a TPLO was performed on Mani.

When he returned home, his condition deteriorated very quickly, he was not eating, lying down and he was clearly in pain.

After several calls and visits to the vet, Mani had to be operated on several times, for an infection that was very complicated to manage, until the removal of his TPLO plate after weeks of suffering and serious consequences for his limb (muscle loss, bone deficit, pain).

When in January 2021, the cruciate ligament of his left limb ruptured, it was unimaginable to operate him again. I did not want to inflict him all the suffering of these last few months.

My veterinarian then directed me to Doctor Amine BOUHEDDI of the Yzeron Clinic in Craponne (69), who suggested a new surgical technique with a synthetic implant held by screws, as well as a specific postoperative protocol using a cold compression splint.

I was worried but I couldn’t leave Mani without a ligament, so the surgery took place on January 20th.

When he came back home, Mani was fine, he was able to eat and walk without any lameness about 48 hours later.

His cryotherapy splint has become his friend, his comfort tool, he even asks for it when he sees it! Yes, absolutely, he did his 3 sessions a day for a week!

The hardest thing is to calm him down because he would like to run, play or jump at the slightest opportunity! So it is difficult to keep him quiet when he wants to goof around!

He is so fit that he is ahead of his reeducation deadlines.

In this testimony, I just wanted to thank my veterinarian, Doctor BOUHEDDI and all his team for their energy, understanding and professionalism, and for the answers they always provided to me.

Finally, thank you to science and surgical progress for this treatment that changed my opinion on surgery.

Mani thanks you all.


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