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Testimonials – Nobel

By 17 May 2022May 30th, 2023Testimonials

Nobel, a 4-year-old Belgian Malinois Shepherd, injured his knee during a jump. 

In November 2020, during a dog training class, Nobel jumped and his knee hit the obstacle. When he fell back, he crashed and yelped in pain… After an X-ray, the veterinarian found that nothing was broken and prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs and rest. To facilitate his recovery, Nobel saw a canine osteopath and was given food supplements to help his joints.

Even though Nobel seemed to be getting better, every time he went for a long walk and did intensive start-stop motions, he started limping again for a few days.

In March, I decided to see the veterinarian again for a scan and although we saw that his ligaments were slightly torn, an operation was not considered straight away. I then looked for a solution to relieve Nobel’s discomfort and contacted Novetech Surgery. I used the compressive cryotherapy splint to prevent potential surgery. The first time I put it on him, he found it difficult to stay still but he now asks for it and falls asleep during his 20-minute session. I now usually put the splint on him in the evening when we come back from a very long walk, as well as in the morning and evening the following day. Following the advice of the veterinarian, Nobel is under constant food supplements for articular support.

I have been using the splint for over a year now and I have really noticed a difference after walks. It relieves Nobel a lot and I am really satisfied with it.

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