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Synthetic Ligament & Tendon

NOVALIG® Synthetic Ligament

It allows multiple ligament reconstructions in cats and dogs such as cruciate ligament, hip or elbow dislocation, and even shoulder or tarsal instability.

NOVATEN® Synthetic Tendon

It allows the reconstruction of Achilles, triceps, or patellar tendons in cats and dogs without external fixators.

Interference Screw

The standard fixation system for the bone reinsertion of our synthetic ligaments and tendons.


Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) suture, which gives it high strength for soft tissue reinsertion.

Titanium Cortical Button

Our range of cortical buttons offers an alternative fixation option for our synthetic ligaments and tendons, as well as our orthopedic sutures.
They can either be used alone or together with an interference screw.


Implants with unrivaled biomechanical properties for all ligament and tendon repairs