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UHMWPE Sutures

An option for tie back surgery with UHMWPE sutures on a pre assembled button and a needle attached for easy passing.
Over 750 newtons per construct, strong and less abrasive than nylon lines.
Separate buttons and tapes in different size and design are also available.

Titanium cortical buttons

Our range of cortical buttons offers a fixation alternative for our synthetic ligaments and tendons, as well as our orthopedic sutures.
They can either be used alone or together with an interference screw.


Pink sutures offer enhanced visibility. Made from non-absorbable polypropylene monofilament, they also feature a high-strength knot.

The 1/2 Circle – Reverse-Cutting 40mm needle is ideal for skin suturing in equine surgery.

GlassBone for bone regeneration

Based on an innovative technology, GlassBone® is a 45S5 bioactive glass ceramic composed of silicium, sodium, phosphorous and calcium oxides. All of these elements are naturally present in the human body and are key components of the osteogenesis process. This bioactive property marks a new stage in bone regeneration products.

Iodine or transparent adhesive incision drapes

Their antibacterial and antimicrobial action continues beyond 24 hours, guaranteeing continuous asepsis for a long period of time.
With their elastic and ultra-thin design, they adapt to curves and adhere perfectly to wound margins even under tension (Gelpi placement). They do not leave glue or residue on the skin when removed.

Intermittent compression cryotherapy unit

For immediate postoperative care or physiotherapy, this unit applies cold at 0-5° using water and ice cubes. Intermittent compression provides a massage effect.