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Bone regeneration

GlassBone Granular

Based on an innovative technology, GlassBone® is a 45S5 bioactive glass ceramic composed of silicium, sodium, phosphorous and calcium oxides. All of these elements are naturally present in the human body and are key components of the osteogenesis process. This bioactive property marks a new stage in bone regeneration products.

GlassBone Injectable Putty

GlassBone injectable putty is composed of 45S5 bioactive glass (like the granular version) and a polymer. This composite technology makes it easily malleable and applicable in complex defects. It is sold directly in the syringe and ready to use.

GlassBone for bone regeneration

  • Osteoconduction
  • Osteostimulation
  • 100% synthetic and bioactive
  • Absorbable
  • Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects