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Anatomical, knot-free, and stronger reconstruction of structures

Traumatic elbow dislocation results in a complete or partial rupture of at least one of the collateral ligaments and may require surgery to stabilize the elbow, especially in the event of polytrauma.

NOVALIG® allows for reconstruction of the collateral ligaments and immediate solid bone fixation using interference screws or a cortical button, thus leading to optimal recovery of joint function.

Developed in partnership with :

Dr Hélène Lepommellet

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What is the advantage of not using knots to fix the implant in case of collateral repair ?

Knots have varying strength from one surgery/surgeon to the other.

They also take up a certain volume, often close to the surgical approach, which may cause irritation and inflammation, or create a bridge for infection.

The use of an interference screw embedded in a bone tunnel offers the considerable advantage of keeping the synthetic material away from the skin and providing superior mechanical strength.

NOVALIG® is described as a synthetic ligament - but how is it different from a suture ?

NOVALIG® is much stronger and wider than a suture. Its theoretical strength can reach 8000N.

Its special braiding makes it much less abrasive and sharp than FiberTech-type UHMWPE sutures, thus limiting bone shearing effects. It also has a favorable interface for cell colonization.
The NOVALIG® ligament is relatively long, which makes multi-ligament repair possible with a single ligament and several bone anchors.

Why use interference screws for fixation?

Interference screws provide immediate, atraumatic fixation for the implant and are fully fixed in the bone. They reduce the risks of irritation and early laceration thanks to a large knot.
The mechanical resistance of this type of fixation has made it a gold standard in many human medicine applications.

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Bone fixation for orthopedic sutures or NOVALIG® during ligament repair.
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