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A strong synthetic ligament and a knot-free technique ligament

Severe knee sprains are rare but result in severe knee instability requiring surgical management and immobilization of the joint, often associated with a high short-term complication rate. Lesions are multiple and mainly affect the cranial and caudal cruciate ligaments, sometimes the medial collateral and more rarely the lateral collateral ligaments (without forgetting the menisci).

The use of a NOVALIG® synthetic ligament allows extra-articular stabilization of the knee by reconstructing the collateral ligaments in an anatomical manner and extra-capsular stabilization of the cranial cruciate ligament. A single NOVALIG® can be used to reconstruct several ligaments. This technique suppresses the need for an external fixator or trans-articular pin, which are often associated with complications.

Developed in partnership with :

Dr. François Fauqueux


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NOVALIG® is described as a synthetic ligament - but how is it different from a suture ?

NOVALIG® is much stronger and wider than a suture. Its theoretical strength can reach 8000N.

Its special braiding makes it much less abrasive and sharp than FiberTech-type UHMWPE sutures, thus limiting bone shearing effects. It also has a favorable interface for cell colonization.

The NOVALIG® ligament is relatively long, which makes multi-ligament repair possible with a single ligament and several bone anchors.

Why use interference screws for fixation?

Interference screws provide immediate, atraumatic fixation for the implant and are fully fixed in the bone. They reduce the risks of irritation and early laceration thanks to a large knot.

The mechanical resistance of this type of fixation has made it a gold standard in many human medicine applications.

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