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A strong synthetic ligament and a knot-free technique ligament

Hip dislocation is linked to the rupture of the round ligament and damage to the joint capsule.

The joint can be stabilized with an iliofemoral suture. NOVALIG®-PLATINE offers superior strength and rapid iliac anchoring with its cortical button to prevent the joint from dislocating again.

Using NOVALIG®-PLATINE instead of an iliofemoral suture significantly reduces the risk of recurrence.

Developed in partnership with :

École Vétérinaire de Lyon

Dr Julien Letesson


What is the advantage of not using knots to fix the implant in the event of hip dislocation ?

Knots have varying strength from one surgery/surgeon to the other.

They also take up a certain volume, often close to the surgical approach, which may cause irritation and inflammation, or create a bridge for infection.

The use of an interference screw embedded in a bone tunnel offers the considerable advantage of keeping the synthetic material away from the skin and providing superior mechanical strength.

NOVALIG® is described as a synthetic ligament - but how is it different from a suture ?

NOVALIG® is much stronger and wider than a suture. Its theoretical strength can reach 8000N.

Its special braiding makes it much less abrasive and sharp than FiberTech-type UHMWPE sutures, thus limiting bone shearing effects. It also has a favorable interface for cell colonization.

The NOVALIG® ligament is relatively long, which makes multi-ligament repair possible with a single ligament and several bone anchors.

Why use interference screws for fixation ?

Interference screws provide immediate, atraumatic fixation for the implant and are fully fixed in the bone. They reduce the risks of irritation and early laceration thanks to a large knot.

The mechanical resistance of this type of fixation has made it a gold standard in many human medicine applications.

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