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Testimony about the Cryotherapy Brace with compression by Novetech Surgery

Testimonies of Dr. Thibaut Cachon and Dr. Valérie Guigardet  about the cryotherapy brace with compression application.


Testimony Thibaut Cachon

Veterinary Cryotherapy 

Presentation of cryotherapy braces with compression by  Dr. Thibaut Cachon 

Dr Valérie Guigardet Testimony

Cryotherapy Veterinairy

Knee Compressive Brace using in case of injury, postoperative, physiotherapy by Dr Guigardet
(VetoKinesis )

Testimony - Dika

A Cryotherapy Brace with compression !
It's a nex tool and the beautiful Dika receives benefits of it with pleasure !
Cryotherapy ( = cold treatment) : the Brace's interior is removable and conserved in freezer
Compressive : the brace's base is inflated for "compress" joint tissues and periarticular tissues
Compressive cryotherapy reduces inflammation and pain.
It has proved itself for many years for men in post-operativ period and after treatment on osteoarthritic joints.