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GlassBONEBioactive Bone Substitute

GlassBONE ™ is a bioactive synthetic substitute for bone regeneration in orthopedic, traumatic, spinal and cranio-maxillofacial surgery. GlassBONE ™ is the new standard of the latest generation of bone regeneration substitutes. It has been designed to provide superior properties and performance and a faster and safer healing process. 

GlassBONE ™ is the only bones substitutes to provide antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, in addition of a real bones regeneration. 

GlassBONE ™ is a Bioactive G45S5 ceramic composed of silicium oxide, sodium, phosphorus and calcium. All of these elements are naturally present in the body and are key players in the process of osteogenesis.
Its bioresorption is proportional to the bone synthesis that it induces. This will therefore allow an excellent filling of the bone defect.
We can provide GlassBONE™ under two differents aspects and in several volumes :
Product Granulometry Volume
GlassBone granular 0.5-1mm 1cc
0.5-1mm 5cc
1-3mm 5cc on demand
1-3mm 10cc on demand
1-3mm 16cc on demand
Product Volume
GlassBone putty 1cc
10cc on demand
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