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20jan 2021

Testimony - Mani

A 5 years old, Englis Bulldog
One month post CCL surgery

I live in East Lyon in Brussieu and is a pleasure to have as a companion
Mani, a 5 years old, English Bulldog..

Mani is a very active dog who likes to run around in the woods but also likes to cuddle on the sofa.
In March 2020, he became lame on the back leg which was sporadic and didn't seem to bother him to much.

We went to the vet who referred us to a specialist center, in case surgery was needed for a ruptured cruciate ligament.

Unfortunately it was a partial rupture and even though I wasn't keen on him having surgery a TPLO was done. 
When Mani came gome he deteriorated quickly, he wouldn't eat and was in pain and couldn't get off his bed.

After several calls and visits back to the vet he had to be reoperated on because of an infection. The TPLO plate was removed. By this time he had muscle wastage and some bone loss.

In January 2021 the cruciate ligament on his left leg ruptured, but I did non want him to have an operation after seeing what happened last year.

However, the vet this time referred me to Dr Bouheddi in Craponne, who suggested a new surgical technique with a synthetic cruciate ligament and with a pain relieving cryotherapy and compression brace for after the operation.

I was worried but couldn't leave the dog without a knee ligament, the operation took place on January 20th 2021

As soon as he got home, I could see he was happy, he ate and walked without a limp about 48 hours later.
The cryotherapy brace has become his friend, 3 sessions per day for one week were done and Mani liked it, it made him calm.
The hardest thing is to stop him from running around, playing or jumping, he is so happy and pain free we are counting down the days when he is free to be a normal dog again. 

In this testimonial I wanted to thank my vet, Dr Bouheddi and his team for helping Mani with understanding and professionalism.

And finally thank you for the evolution of these surgical products and to the progress of science that revolutionises this type of surgery.

Mani thanks you all.

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