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24hours in average before using again its limb
4weeks only before going back to sport activities
30years of experience in orthopaedic

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Orthopaedic at Novetech Surgery ?
Orthopedics is a surgical discipline that aims to treat deformities, diseases or injuries of the musculoskeletal system which are the limbs and spine.
Several pathologies are targeted, and may concerned bones, tendons and ligaments, muscles and joints.

Veterinary orthopaedic surgeons therefore have a broad field of intervention, and can deal with increasingly complex cases through the research and advancement of the technology we develop.

Novetech Surgery always seeks to bring innovations to the veterinary orthopedic surgery field to treat in the best and minimally invasive way your animal, so that it can very quickly return to a normal activity.
The opportunity of surgery ?
Only your veterinarian can estimate if a srugery is necessary. He will make the decision that he considers the most relevant for your pet with regard to his race, age and background.
Although other solutions exist to avoid surgery, they can not be reliable for all, and it is not uncommon that the operation is the best outcome for the health and comfort of your pet.

Indeed, the progress we are making enables our technology to enjoy an excellent benefit / risk ratio.
Recognize an orthopaedic pathology in your pet ?
The behavior of your pet is very revealing of a problem. While human will show pain, your pet will not behave normally.
For example, a less fluid gait, excessive rest, hesitations in his movements as for jumping, frequent licking on his joints, or a limp are all behaviors that can be indicative of a pathology.

In case of any doubt, do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian, he will do all the exams to make sure your pet stay in good health.

Le comportement de votre animal est très révélateur d’un problème. Alors que l’homme attestera de douleurs, votre animal de compagnie n’aura pas un comportement habituel.
Par exemple, une démarche moins fluide, un repos excessif, des hésitations dans ses déplacements comme pour sauter, des léchages fréquents sur ses articulations, ou encore une boiterie sont autant de comportements qui peuvent être révélateurs d’une pathologie.
En cas de doute, n’hésitez pas à contacter votre vétérinaire, il fera tous les examens pour s’assurer que votre animal n’a rien.
What is the cost of an orthopaedic surgery ?
The cost is set by you surgeon and is unique to everyone, it will depend on the resources he needs to achieve its surgery.

We are fully aware that their price of the implant will affect those practiced by your surgeon. That is why while developing high quality equipment and implant, we are continuously working on the control of the manufacturing cost.
01sep 2019

Testimony - Kaal

09 Sep 2019 Testimonial -Kaal6 years old, Male DobermanStudent at the University of Aix Marseille I am accompanied for nearly two years by a Doberman named Kaal.I crossed his road by chance while going as volunteer at Refuge de l’espoir in Mougins (06). That Monday it was cold, very cold, ... It was deep in the kennel so as not to scare the newcomers with its impressive shape. I saw pointed ears from afar, and I immediately turned to him.I learned about his past life (Abandoned twice in 4 years)Wishing only to be loved, we adopted ou...
01jul 2017

Testimony - Chaussette

Cocker Spaniel, Female, 7 years oldApril 4th 2017Sportsman and mountains lover, I was in the Ecrins at 3207 m, with Chaussette who used to accompanies me in my hikes, trail, ski etc…After going up in the montain passes, and taking some picture at the peak, I started going down with my crampons in order to put the skis about fifty meters lower, but due to lack of attention and / or overconfidence I slipped on unstable stones hidden by the snow, and I fell about 200 m lower.Once my fall has been stopped, I searched and called Chausse...
01jun 2017

Testimony - Popzy

“We are so happy that we chose the arthroscopic surgery with synthetic ligament instead of a TPLO or TTA, which sounded like a horrible surgical intervention.I think that the operation went smothly and without complications and was the best choise for Popzy.Popzy recovered well after only a couple of days after the operation and it was hard to make her take it easy and not jump and run around to much.The surgical wounds were easy to take care of as they were so small and so she really recommend Krister Julinders operation with the sy...
30nov 2016

Testimony - Galax

My name is Sophie and I am the owner of Galax, the dobermann in the video clips.The first 12 hours after the operation were horrible, Galax were in great pain in spite of strong painkillers. He cried and screamed so I almost felt I regret the op. After that first night everything was so much better in the morning, he could use his leg and the worst pain was gone.During the following 2 weeks he had trouble to lie down and he thought it was a bit painful. Since then Galax has fully recovered but I know we stillhave to be careful but I am...

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